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Dr. Tiwari's Physiotherapy Center provides excellence in Physiotherapy in Ajmer.The Physiotherapist provides the patient with accurate diagnosis and prognosis through a methodical and thorough assessment process. Our aim is to provide the highest standards of Physiotherapy treatment and advice, based on current scientific evidence. 

Our Mission :-  To give Right Treatment at the Right Price and achieve Right Results

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About Dr. Ravi Tiwari

A Physiotherapist with more than 4 Years of valuable experience in multispeciality hospital and charitable trust in ICU, CCU, Orthopedic ward, neurological ward, Physiotherapy OPD and General Surgery ward.

Dr. Ravi Tiwari hold Degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation from Rajasthan University of Health and Science Jaipur, Rajasthan. which is one of the best medical university in India. He has completed his Internship from well reputed S.M.S. Govt. Medical College, Jaipur.




we offer our patients world class therapeutic programs, while preserving a caring and compassionate environment. Consider your local physiotherapy clinic for an effective way to get well,and stay well,back in motion.


Dr. Tiwari's Physiotherapy Center take a holistic approach (focusing on the individual factors) to an injury or disease. For example, back pain can be caused by a number of factors including posture, diet, exercise and work. Patient education is an important part of Physiotherapy. As well as aiming to improve your strength and mobility, physiotherapy also teaches you how to manage your condition more effectively,such as improving your lifestyle by eating more healthily and exercising regularly.


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